BioVentures West Formed to Nurture Venture-Gap Technologies

Tucson, AZ - Nov 10, 1997

BioVentures West, a new venture development firm in Carlsbad, Calif., formed recently to fund and nurture embryonic bioscience enterprises and inventions, primarily from Southern California research institutions. The private company is financed by Research Corporation Technologies.

"Our source of funds and corporate structure permit a long-term investment strategy," said Robert L. Robb, president. "Typically we will create new enterprises to move these nascent technologies through the "venture gap" between research and early development. We provide management prior to recruiting a full-time management team."

Robb participated in founding, funding or developing more than 30 start-up companies, most of which are university bioscience spin-offs.

"Bob is a seasoned veteran who has developed new enterprises from a variety of perspectives," said Dr. Gary Munsinger, president of Research Corporation Technologies. "Because of his extensive experience with seed funding and early stage development in the university, business and venture communities, he effectively addresses their respective issues and concerns."

Robb directed technology management and start-up development at the University of Michigan for nearly five years. He also served as director of business development at BCM Technologies, the commercialization arm of Baylor College of Medicine, where he was president of several biotechnology spin-offs during their early phase. Earlier Robb founded and managed InMedica Development, a public venture capital company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Research Corporation Technologies brings to this alliance its substantial financial resources, network of industrial contacts, and experienced scientists and technology managers," said Robb. "RCT further enables BioVentures West to effectively appraise innovations, conduct market research, manage patent portfolios, facilitate start-ups and nurture technology through scientific milestones and regulatory hurdles."

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